Beichuan river ecological river construction was awarded the national green construction demonstrati

reporter from the Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive management committee was informed that the day before, China Architectural Association posted on the website of the "on the fourth batch of national construction industry green construction demonstration project" list of publicity, publicity show, the Beichuan River (core) ecological construction project of comprehensive control project of the group won the fourth the construction of the green construction demonstration project.
started at the beginning of the project department to set up a project manager for the organization of the first person in charge of the green construction, establish and perfect the management system of green construction and establish corresponding management system. In strict accordance with the requirements of the construction site in the construction process, the construction of quality projects at the same time, protect the environment, save raw materials, water resources, energy resources and land resources. The use of the project Department of water resources classification, without affecting the quality of the project, the use of construction water; drinking water use by municipal tap water supply system, the green river water; wastewater treatment can be reused for grading, water reuse. To optimize the construction scheme of deep foundation pit, to reduce the amount of earthwork excavation and backfill, to minimize the disturbance to the land and protect the surrounding natural environment.


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