Do a good job of water conservancy work to create harmony between human and water

– Municipal Committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang County Water Conservancy key projects and flood control work

6 28 am, municipal committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang in the county government, accompanied by vice governor of water conservancy projects and key projects of flood control work of Ma Wenyi. Shujiang Yan and his entourage came to the Beichuan River flood control project site, Qiaotou town, Hu Gou based participatory watershed management measures and engineering livelihood two East River Gorge flood control project of Li Jia Bao Hua Lin Xiang 43 Gorge Bridge, Kuala village drinking water water field view, after listening to the work report, Yan Shujiang fully affirmed the work of the water.

Yan Shujiang pointed out that in recent years, the county water work has achieved fruitful results, to improve the people’s living conditions, promote the people’s livelihood water conservancy and water ecology, enhance flood control capacity, play an important role in promoting the sustainable development of economy and society, build my county water conservancy work highlights.

Yan Shujiang stressed that water conservancy work is tied to people’s livelihood, the development of the base, the central provinces and cities on accelerating the development of water reform has made a series of important deployment, water conservancy work is facing rare opportunities for development, a period in the future, according to the central provinces requirements and ideas, to grasp the county water work. one to fully understand the strategic position of water conservancy development in the county. To seriously study and understand the central provinces of water conservancy work, to the provincial twelfth Party Congress spirit as a guide, focusing on the construction of new Qinghai, creating a new life goal, continue to strengthen water work sense of responsibility and mission. two to accelerate the reform and development of water conservancy. Scientific planning of water conservancy, water conservancy and promote the construction of key projects, focus on irrigation, drinking water, soil and water conservation and other livelihood projects, highlighting the problem of water security, ensure the safety of drinking water masses. three to in the eastern new town planning and construction of water enough to do articles. Water is the lifeline of the city, the water sector to plan urban water in advance, for projects, scientific planning, to provide water security for the construction of the eastern new city. four to do the current flood prevention work. The flood control work is the top priority of the water sector, strengthen flood disaster warning, to use the concepts and measures to ensure the fine flood prevention work tasks, to ensure that our county flood passed to protect people’s lives and property. to to water work personnel. Strengthen the reserve cadres and personnel training, the introduction of professional and technical personnel, the construction of a highly skilled water leading cadres, strengthen party building, and constantly improve the quality of water workers. six to further create a social atmosphere to support the work of water conservancy. Water conservancy is an important aspect of people’s livelihood, to further increase the publicity of water work, mobilize and guide the people of all ethnic groups concerned about and support the work of water, and create a harmonious human water;

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