Food and drug administration to strengthen the food and drug administration during the holiday thoro

  2014 "New Year’s day and Spring Festival is approaching, in order to strengthen during the festival catering service food safety, ensure the safety of people of all ethnic groups in the diet, food and drug administration actively arrangements, organize and carry out special supervision and inspection of catering service food safety.

during the two, food service food safety work based on strengthening the daily supervision, combined with the characteristics of holiday food consumption, the city catering concentrated area, rural towns, schools around the food and beverage industry as a key area; to undertake the family reunion dinner, the dinner on New Year’s Eve, wedding banquet and collective dinner catering service units and farmhouse "and" unlicensed family restaurant "for key units; to consume more food products and high risk of cold meat dishes, fresh seafood as the key species, concentration time, focus on human, carry out a comprehensive inspection market, the cleanliness of on-site monitoring food rapid detection of ATP fluorescence with the gun. Supervise the catering service units in strict accordance with the "food service food safety operation specification" requirement, strengthen food raw materials procurement, cleaning and disinfection tableware, management and use of food additives, the implementation of more than 100 people collective dinner record, food sample and cable card ticket system, perform security principal food service responsibility, ensure the catering service food safety.

from the inspection situation, most of the catering units enhance operators and law-abiding consciousness, improve awareness of food safety knowledge, can consciously abide by the provisions of the "safety standards" food catering industry engaged in catering services, food processing, food and drug supervision departments actively cooperate with the collective dinner for the record, the food safety management system can be implemented. Individual units exist the phenomenon of illegal operations, mainly small catering units beyond the scope of processing and sales of cold dishes, not according to the procedure of all tableware disinfection, in this regard, law enforcement personnel at the scene to correct, the catering operators were interviewed, and administrative punishment according to law. At the same time, the food service units to strengthen food safety practices of training practitioners, improve food safety awareness and awareness of the law, fulfill their job responsibilities, standardize the operation procedure, to ensure food safety.

food and drug administration, 12331 food and drug safety complaints hotline staff on duty 24 hours, at any time to answer, answer the catering service food safety issues, in accordance with the law, scientific and orderly response to the food service food safety accidents, ensure the safety of the people of all ethnic groups during the festival food.


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