Opened second routes Yushu Airport

At 4 p.m. on April 24th 03, Tibet Airlines flight TV9871 landed smoothly in Yushu airport Batang, Lhasa – Xining – Yushu flights officially stationed in Yushu airport, Tibet Airlines became the second Airlines China Eastern Airlines after entering the Yushu aviation market.

Yushu is Qinghai, Sichuan, at the junction of Tibet folk trade center, in the economic core position in the Kham region. Due to Yushu to Xining, Tibet railway, highway grade low, time-consuming, far away, some sections of the perennial snow and ice, to the masses of the people in and out of Yushu great inconvenience. Yushu airport on August 1, 2009 navigable, navigable by the implementation of the Eastern Airlines Xi’an – Xining – Yushu, the only route, a single route, and often difficult to get a ticket.

is the perfect Yushu aviation network layout, the local economic construction, to meet the demand for passenger travel, actively marketing in support of the provincial government, contact the Tibet Airlines opened Lhasa – Xining – Yushu flights. It is reported that the flight on April 24th from the implementation of the flight number TV9871/2, models for the Airbus A319, every Tuesday, four, six flights.


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