Garrison Party committee held its two plenary session of the eight

January 20th, the Party committee of Xining garrison two session of the eight plenary (enlarged) meeting, the meeting conveyed to learn the Lanzhou military region, the provincial military enlarged meeting of the Party committee and the Municipal Committee of thirteen session of the ten plenary session of the spirit, summed up the work in 2014, the deployment of the 2015 task. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, first secretary Wang Jianjun attended and made an important speech. During the meeting, garrison commander Wang Shumin made a speech, municipal committee, garrison political commissar of the Party committee work report for the Party committee of Wang Kailin.
this year, Wang Jianjun stressed that one should lead to the construction of Army Ideological and political work. Garrison Army should study and implement the spirit of the political work conference of leading cadres of the party as the political requirement of political responsibility, authority political task, and consciously control the army cadres "five standards", 10 issues focus on the solution of President Xi stressed, with strict requirements, strong party spirit, practical style check the correct countermeasures, to explore the reasons and problems, the rectification rectification throughout the whole process of study and implement the spirit of the meeting, through every detail of combat readiness, training, work and life, through to the political, military, logistics equipment, all aspects of the work, to provide a powerful ideological guarantee and spiritual power for the successful completion of the army the central task. Two to adapt to the new state of the new normal. To correctly understand and grasp the characteristics of the new normal economic and social development, give full play to the armed forces and militia reservists and the role of commandos. To correctly understand and grasp the characteristics of the new normal military construction, firmly establish the soldier war, troops in war, training to fight the idea, in the deepening development of preparations for military struggle to seek new development. To correctly understand and grasp the development of military and civilian integration of new normal feature, continue to promote the "six building", the construction of the beautiful countryside, the militia "construction work to a new level. To correctly understand and grasp the characteristics of the new normal military law, the regulatory system into the regular study, various forms of training and daily management, make military law become scientific ideas, working methods and habits. To correctly understand and grasp the style construction of the new normal feature, the main responsibility for the implementation of good party garrison, adhere to the party to manage the party strictly, strictly. Three to strengthen the political responsibility of the armed forces of the party. Party armed forces, in terms of the military is the banner and direction, in terms of local services and protection. The city Party committee and government, to enhance the overall awareness and sense of responsibility, support for national defense and army building; district party secretary, dangguanwuzhuang should take the primary responsibility of responsibility, to promote the national defense mobilization and reserve force building innovation and development. The comprehensive use of legal, policy, economic and administrative means to strengthen military cooperation, "Jun Aimin, a close relationship between the military and the people support the military.


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