Chase let civilization and Tourism

for the further purification of the tourism market, to create "good faith management, civilized tourism tourism environment, establish a new image of tourism, recently, Datong County Organization of the county, rural tourism scenic spots, tourist star star hotels and tourism enterprises" leadership "hundred days special rectification action promotional activities in LAOYESHAN square to carry out.

on that day, the county tourism enterprises to tourists promotion the scenic tourism products, tourist routes, promote civilized tourism related knowledge, issued a civilized travel related publicity color pages, brochures. The activities of the organization, not only to improve the integrity of the business involved in the travel business awareness, while expanding the awareness of the general public civilized tourism activities, and create a good atmosphere for civilized tourism. Deputy director of the County Tourism Bureau Wang Yongquan said: "we advocate civilized tourism to bring civilized travel, protect the environment, pay attention to health care area, environment and public facilities, and resolutely rectify the tourism uncivilized habits, stop uncivilized behavior. We should join hands to start from scratch, to enhance the quality of tourism culture, showing the civilized style of chase."


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