How to break into a world of 57 dollars

a lot of people do enough preparation for entrepreneurship, especially venture capital. What would you do if you had 57 dollars? But is it really the case? Let Xiaobian for everyone to talk about the miracle of 57 yuan venture.

57 dollars out of a piece of heaven! From Deng Xiaoping’s hometown of Sichuan in Guang’an, Sichuan on Dongsheng has obvious characteristics, the head is not high, but sturdy, full of strength. In his bones of Deng Xiaoping infinite worship, the famous Deng Xiaoping repeatedly cited an interview: the development is the hard truth. The 38 year old on Dongsheng, make a living away from home has been a full 26 years.

57 Yuan Zheng Jie Zaihan again 8 brothers and sisters, on the sixth of Dongsheng, he was more than and 10 years old when he wanted to go out to do business. At the age of 12, for fear of my father came home from work after the naughty scold, talk about Dongsheng to borrow 20 yuan uncle, a fare evasion pull came to her sister’s marrying Hubei xiantao.

1999 in the summer, there is a "jumping Doll" toys are popular in the towns of Wuhan, Hanzheng Street many businesses to seize this opportunity, make a fortune. Although the reaction some lag, missed the best time, but about Dongsheng did not miss this opportunity to learn, to Zhejiang Yiwu rash and too much in haste "jumping doll manufacturer, inspect. />

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