Cold feel the warmth of the winter in Xining Province

January 19th, a cold air quietly visit Qinghai earth, the people were armed to walk on the streets of the ancient city of Xining. After a lapse of 4 days, the day of this day, the provincial capital of Xining, the outdoor temperature has reached a minus 23 degrees Celsius (). Although the weather is so cold, but the reporter visited a number of departments of enterprises, community people, super market, the harmonious society is to feel the warmth.

then the reporter to follow the 2 Road car driver Zhang Shengping came to the dispatch room. "These two cold every day, we on the early morning driver, every day at half past five in the morning to get the parking lot. Check the oil, check antifreeze, move the wiper, check everything is normal, it can be the name of the car engine. General winter heating is ten minutes, but the two cold, so when some of the president." Master Zhang said that the new energy vehicles compared with the original car, set up a special preheating switch, which can effectively save the heating time, when the car temperature reached 45 degrees, turn on the switch, the temperature will rise slowly. We made the first bus in the morning, the passengers will not feel cold on the bus.

in order not to let the passengers wait for a long time in the cold weather, the dispatch room also through measures to increase vehicle trips, shorten the interval, reduce the waiting time of passengers. Reporters also learned that the Xining bus driver Refco Group Ltd also hold regular freezing rain and snow weather, safe driving training, emergency disposal process of education, to improve the emergency response capacity of emergency.

subtle move, but people’s heart is no longer cold.

in the service center, students take off the heavy coat, in the classroom and every activity room with a rehabilitation program. Ge Guangqin, head of the service center, told reporters that we are central heating, this year was particularly good. These two days although the cold season is very cold, outdoor minus twenty degrees Celsius, but in the service center was as warm as in spring, the children also feel very comfortable, the cafeteria aunt in the two days will be appropriate to boil some warm body soup for students to drink, try not to let them catch a cold.

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