Celebrate the festival reunion send warmth promote harmony

near the Mid Autumn Festival, Seongbuk Chaoyang Street Qilian Road West community in the community nursing home station held "celebrates the festival, reunion, the warmth and harmony" autumn recreational activities, representatives of old cadres, teachers and other people from all walks of life to participate in more than 10 retired.
community for elderly people prepared fruit, cakes, old people together, filled with a happy smile on the face. In order to express condolences to the elderly community festival, also invited community opera lovers performances for the elderly portrait show Qinghai Hehuang "beauty" on the string and the elderly favorite ballads. Old people feel the festive atmosphere at the same time, but also to enhance the understanding of traditional culture. The more than and 80 year old Guo Baocai said excitedly: "community service really close, all the time we put these old people in the heart, usually not being said, also for our elderly over the Mid Autumn Festival, we really keep up with the times, as well……"


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