Look at the ten people’s livelihood from the government report

5 Premier Li Keqiang government work report, the people’s livelihood has become the key word. 2014, in the context of a comprehensive deepening of reform, the livelihood of the people will be intertwined with the prospect of reform picture, people living in the reform will continue to release the bonus change.


more equitable more farmers on the children’s key universities

[report] the number of rural students in poor areas on the number of colleges and universities to grow by more than 10%, so that more children have the opportunity to enter the farm. We will deepen the comprehensive reform of education, actively and steadily reform the examination and enrollment system, expand the right of education and overall planning of the provincial government and the autonomy of running schools, and encourage the development of private education.

[comment] NPC Zhou Hongyu: to promote the fairness of education is the foundation of social justice, the rational allocation of educational resources to tilt to the poverty-stricken areas, which contributes to the social vertical mobility, so that more rural children feel the hope.

alone two children

implementation of the policy has been implemented in many provinces

[report] adhere to the basic national policy of family planning is not shaken, the implementation of one child is the only child of the couple can have two children policy.

[comment] National People’s Congress Zhang Tian Ren: the introduction of a separate two-child policy, timely, at present this policy has been implemented in many provinces and cities, can effectively improve the demographic structure of the family, it also helps to alleviate the social pressure of aging.


unified urban and rural residents to encourage enterprise annuity

[report] to establish a unified basic old-age insurance system for urban and rural residents, improve the convergence of old-age insurance and workers. Reform of the pension system for the institutions and institutions, encourage the development of enterprise annuity, occupational pension and commercial insurance.

[comments] National School of Administration professor Ding Yuanzhu: China currently has four sets of pension system, according to the "identity" of the division, and gradually merged is the direction, system of urban and rural residents unified is just the first step, the future is difficult and the merger of employees’ pension system.


subsidy raised to 320 yuan per capita

Chinese style approach to solve the world’s problems

[report] to improve the government, units and individuals to share the basic medical insurance financing mechanism, urban and rural residents basic medical insurance financial subsidies to 320 yuan per capita. Urban and rural residents in the country to implement a serious illness insurance. County public hospital comprehensive reform pilot expanded to 1000 counties, covering 500 million rural population.

[comment] National People’s Congress Zong Qinghou: the new medical reform program to see ordinary people brought a lot of benefits, but the actual health needs of ordinary people there is still a certain gap, but also from the drug system, see illness and so on reform.


built 4 million 800 thousand sets of affordable housing small and medium sized commercial housing increased by


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