West District of Xining city hit the play Huimin brand

"create a city" is to improve the living standards of the people, improve the quality of life of the people." March 8th, the city of Xining held in the west of the city hit mobilization meeting, the West District Deputy Secretary, mayor Li Xiaoge said. It is reported that in this year’s "creative city" work, Chengxi district will be implemented through the street, "smooth traffic project", to create "15 minutes convenient service circle, carrying out microwave Lane 20 street lanes of the street, a reasonable set of sanitation workers resting places and other livelihood projects, let area residents enjoy the benefits of a" "in the city.

with immediate effect, the west district will accelerate the construction of mass culture and Art Center, fitness facilities to achieve all the villages, cultural leisure small square full coverage. A new batch of sanitation infrastructure, the transformation of the three noes building facilities, governance urban management ills, strengthen the back street, urban and rural governance.

at the same time, will introduce the construction idea of city green road in city greening, construction of pedestrian, bicycle Green Road in the region will be the main landscape nodes of various parks, landscape belt series together, build the riverfront landscape.

In addition, the

will improve the "street", "floor president" working mechanism, the formation of point, line, surface integration of the fine grid management model. To speed up the city’s fine management, to complete the effective integration of digital city management command system and social management system two platforms to promote the refinement of urban management and standardization of information technology. Will vigorously implement the "open project", on the 54 street, guardrail installation Haiyan Road, 71 Road extension, the main road, Jia Xiaozhuang, Xing Hai Lu market delisting also road, alleviate the traffic congestion problem. (author: Wu Yachun)

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