Tibetan carpets show the world’s cultural charm

In August 10th, Qinghai International Exhibition Center South of the exhibition hall, a stunning Persian carpet, the Art beats nature. handmade carpet, magnificent tapestry…… From the world of handmade carpets dizzying a superb collection of beautiful things. In addition to enjoy the most wonderful cashmere textiles, but also by the world’s rich religious and cultural history.

each tapestry tells a storyCompared to

and in previous years, this year from Iran, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and other countries of the booth has increased to more than 10, in addition to an exhibition of exquisite handmade carpets, they have to come up with more manual skills. In Iran exhibition hall, a three-dimensional sense of strong handmade tapestries Weimiaoweixiao, "the last supper", "mother", "beautiful girl" religion is like a rich tapestry of color paintings, attracted many people to visit. A "Uncle love" tells the story of Iran uncle in displaced war and his beloved donkey distressed at parting scene, so that people could not help but think of the years of suffering in the flames of war. The whole tapestry with nearly 100 kinds of colors, more than 50 processes. "Iran uncle" on the forehead and the back of the hand that a deep and shallow wrinkles have been carved out of the creators, touch bump clear, three-dimensional sense of strong. This piece of work has become the protagonist of this year’s Tibetan carpet auction, was a keen collector of art to the price of 100 thousand yuan.

the exhibition hall of national culture infiltration

Iran for weaving life with love

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