Xining Nanshan green ecological barrier of water saving irrigation in a project completed

July 16th, Nanshan Xining city green barrier South Xishan Forest irrigation water-saving demonstration project completion. As one of the demonstration projects of water-saving society construction in Xining, the project can save 16 thousand cubic meters of water resources. Irrigation status can not only greatly improve the Xishan Forest, but also for water conservation, watershed project area to prevent soil erosion, summarized in our province in arid mountainous areas of water-saving irrigation experience will also play a positive role.

in recent years, the Xining municipal government to seriously implement the provincial government "ecological province" strategy, invested a lot of money in the river, city beautification, construction of the mountain green barrier, has achieved remarkable results. However, due to the upper reaches of Xining basin is located in the city’s water area, water resource shortage problem is more prominent, the low utilization efficiency of water resources. In 2006, Xining city was listed as "11th Five-Year" during the first batch of national water-saving society construction pilot city, as one of the demonstration project of the construction of water-saving society in Xining City, Xining City, the southern suburbs of Nanshan green barrier Xishan Forest water-saving irrigation demonstration project in Qinghai Provincial Water Conservancy Department’s support, started in March this year. The first phase of the project is the implementation of 256 mu of forest land irrigation network and supporting facilities, the main construction of the pipeline project, the new reservoir, inspection wells, engineering sprinkler equipment, etc.. After the completion of the forest area can greatly improve the efficiency of irrigation, irrigation water consumption of 60 cubic meters per mu per year.


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