Xining West to Beijing West Train replacement new car into the 160km h white Era

in October 12th, and from Qinghai, Xining and the capital city of Beijing T151/T152 passenger train for the replacement of all 25T type DC600V direct supply air conditioning passenger car body, bid farewell to the 140km/h blue white memory, entered the era of 160km/h.

Xining passenger section for better serving passengers last mile, with practical action to bring passengers safe, convenient and comfortable travel environment, to replace the body as an opportunity, in the spare bedding preparation and training of personnel under the foot work, increase investment in hardware and software. Update all columns bedding, spare parts, greatly enhance the comfort of passengers; to carefully measure the 25T type locomotive plant body upper equipment size, all adopt "tailored" way. The software to strengthen the training, education, organization by the Beijing team all cadres and crew for service, safety, equipment and facilities for the theoretical training and site training, especially for vacuum toilet use, barrier free car door switch, electric wheelchair safety belt fixed card use, voice call system the use of the car, the use of TV method to do a detailed training within the team; Beijing actively organize the flight attendants to the army posture, service etiquette, courtesy, business knowledge training, to a high standard plastic image ningke.

T151/T152 train vehicle replacement will bring a sense of fashion, freshness and comfort for passenger car, upgrading the hardware and service are all reflected in the "service for the purpose to be guests like family service, also marks the Qinghai rapid economic growth and the change of people’s livelihood change rapidly.


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