Provincial government held a quarter of the industrial economy will be analyzed

4 20, vice governor Wang Liming presided over the province’s industrial economic situation analysis, summed up the work of the first quarter, coordinate and solve related problems, the next step in the deployment of work.

Wang Liming pointed out that this year, after the joint efforts of the province, the province’s industrial economy is relatively stable operation, to achieve a good start for the next step to lay the foundation to enhance confidence. In the face of achievements, we must clearly recognize that there are still many difficulties and problems in the operation of the industrial economy, do a good job in the two quarter, arduous task, significant. All regions and departments to further clarify the responsibility to strengthen measures to increase efforts to ensure that the two quarter, more than half of the task, to lay a solid foundation for the completion of the annual objectives and tasks.

Wang Liming stressed that to seize the steady growth of the main line, ningxinjuli, fixed target, solid work; to fully grasp the supply side structural reform, focus on strengthening the capacity, to inventory, risk prevention and other work, and actively strive for national support, efforts to create conditions, expand the channels, support the development of enterprises; to do "Green Fair of the preparatory work, give full play to the advantages of resources in our province, further efforts to increase investment, to fully grasp the key projects of the landing and implementation, provide strong support for industrial growth; to use in the basis of live nation full use of the benefits of enterprise policy, conscientiously implement the policy measures formulated. To further strengthen the policy of supporting the connection and implementation of various policies and measures, the full release of the bonus.


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