Yesterday the Xining national clean up

shovel, pliers, broom…… April 27th, the restoration of the Xining Jian point package point of responsibility system on the first day, the city of Xining held the first national mobilization clean-up activities, set off a clean home round climax.

this year, according to the characteristics of "establishment of the review of the work of the leading group, Xining city to meet the national sanitary city decided to review the work, municipal departments and units of establishment of contact point package film activities, from April to June schedule a weekly, and in every Saturday. July to September, assigned a special person every day to participate in the joint point package of community or village "Jian Wei" activities.

27, the reporter saw in the north of the city of Xiushui North Road, dozens of staff members of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, is seriously eradicate weeds outside the cell wall. Some workers are picking up the bricks and rubbish in the lawn. Hedong road in Beichuan, north of the city government organs staff, nearby people and a construction site workers, more than and 100 people, are cleaning. A pile of rubbish was cleaned up, piled on the roadside, waiting to be taken away. Some workers also use pliers to carefully pick up the garbage in the grass. In the victory of the road, the city CPPCC and other units of the staff are scouring the fence, a lot of staff work together, some wash cloth, and some rub the railings, as well as for everyone to do logistical support.

to do a good job to meet the National Health City review, Xining municipal Party committee and government decided to resume the implementation of the city during the inspection of the various units of the construction of the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States Department of health. Municipal units under the control of the national health city standards, for the community, rural areas, the existence of special problems such as poor enterprises, to carry out a comprehensive guide, helping work. (author: Wang Fulian)

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