Zhang Xiaorong presided over the fifty first executive meeting of the municipal government

In September 17th, mayor Zhang Xiaorong chaired the municipal government fifty-first executive meeting to consider "leading cadres at all levels in Xining regularly visiting measures (Draft)" and "Xining city building closer Integrated Medical Association guidelines (Draft)".

to further smooth the masses interests expression channel, improve and perfect the mechanism for safeguarding the rights and interests of Party and government, the city developed a "leading cadres at all levels of Xining city people regularly receive visits to work (Draft)", the leading cadres of the city people visiting the reception time and liberating form made specific provisions.

form a compact integration of the Medical Association, the city is further deepening medical reform, promote the reform of public hospitals, optimize the allocation of medical resources, and promote innovative initiatives to medical resources sinking. "The guidance of Xining city established close integration of medical Consortium (Draft)", will be fair, and benefit the masses as the starting point and foothold, the medical resources in the city area, explore the close type medical consortium established city, county, township and village integration management services, effective to alleviate the difficult and expensive, the doctor away of target. The meeting called for further refinement of the work, and effectively improve the practical operability of the reform program to ensure that the real benefit of the masses through reform.    

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