Xining west station police force create green security environment

Xining Railway Public Security Department of Xining west station station based on the line of police work, conscientiously carry out "through publicity and education, the masses, good work, good foundation of comprehensive management, good order, fight against" theme activities, to create a "green line" security environment, the security environment has made significant improvement in the regions along the railway., effectively ensure the safety of railway transportation.

Xining west station is located in the jurisdiction of the police station section of suburban railway line under the jurisdiction of 38.2 km across the Eastern District of Xining City, West District, North District and Huangzhong County, the railway line both sides of the 20 natural village, 19 primary and secondary schools. In recent years, with the rapid development of market economy and the acceleration of the pace of urban construction, both sides of the railway enterprises increased, the influx of floating population, personnel composition complex. Because some people have safety consciousness, grab more crossing, climbing protection network, random acts of crossing the railway, train operation is extremely easy to make stop, even causing casualties, for personal safety and railway passenger and freight trains are there is a great security risk, a serious impact on the safety and stability of railway transportation.

to ensure that the eighteen major period of railway security, since September, Xining west police station to carry out line security "green" environment to create work, in the Eastern District of Xining City, West District, North District and Huangzhong county politics and Law Committee, road protection office support, actively organize the police into 18 villages, 3 a community, 19 schools and road safety and the way of legal publicity and education activities, publicity and education of more than 36400 people. Through the case argument, cited the reasoning of the propaganda and education, so that the masses along the railway, the safety awareness of primary and secondary students increased significantly. At the same time, give full play to the role of full-time members of the auxiliary police protection, strengthen the prevention and control of the railway line, crossing. Especially to strive for excellent people’s police and the "four good three" advanced grass-roots units as the goal, positive for people to solve problems, and do practical things, to improve the village community, people involved in active maintenance of railway safety, effectively curb all kinds of endangering railway case (a) the occurrence of the railway security environment improved significantly, but also set a good image of the plateau tiejing. (author: Ju Kehui)

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