Say goodbye to rain today will face hot weather

reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, along with a new round of precipitation weather, hot weather will temporarily bid farewell to our province, during which the northeast of the province’s highest temperature will drop 8 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees celsius. Xining, Haidong and other regions are expected to occur short-term heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, the provincial meteorological observatory yesterday issued a blue rainstorm warning signal to remind local attention to prevent.

it is understood that the release of the blue rainstorm warning signal, is expected to 26, 20 to 27, 20, Eastern Xining, Haidong, Haixi and Haibei Eastern, northern Hainan, northern Huangnan, there will be more than 17 mm of precipitation, some areas will be more than 25 mm of rainfall, these areas will be accompanied by strong short-term precipitation and thunderstorm weather.

Zhang Qingmei, chief forecaster at the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, said that the precipitation process is mainly in the eastern and southern regions of our province, affected by this, the highest daily temperature in the northeast of the province will decline 8 degrees Celsius to 10

. But after this round of precipitation process, the temperature will rise. Specific forecast: 26 to 27 at night during the day, Xining, Longhua, Tianjun, mutual aid, northern Hainan, Eastern Huangnan, northern sea with moderate to heavy rain or heavy rain, Ping An, Ledu, Xunhua, Delingha, and the people, Dulan, Ulan, Haibei west of Hainan, southern Huangnan, Southern Yushu Madoi, a small to moderate rain or rain, the rest of the province with light rain or showers. 27 to 28 at night during the day, the south, Huangnan, Xunhua, and the gander, dari have moderate to heavy rain or heavy rain, Xining, Ledu, Longhua, peace, cooperation, Hainan, banma, Jigzhi, Haibei Eastern and Northern Huangnan have small to moderate rain or rain, the western province, the rest are cloudy. Rain or showers. 28 to 29 at night during the day, Xining, Haidong, Huangnan, Guoluo, Haibei, Yushu, Nang Qian, Zaduo, Tianjun showers, the rest of the province cloudy or sunny.

August 26th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the next three days, the city will have a moderate level of rainfall, local strong convection may appear strong precipitation and strong winds, hail, lightning and other weather, the majority of the public reasonable arrangements for production and life.

reporter learned that, 27, the city’s thunder showers of rain, the city during the highest temperature is 22 degrees centigrade, the minimum temperature of 16 DEG C; 28, the city’s moderate rain showers, the city the highest temperature is 20 degrees centigrade, the minimum temperature of 12 DEG C; 29, the city’s showers cloudy, during the urban temperature is 22 degrees centigrade, the low temperature of 10 C. Meteorological forecasters, since late August, frequent occurrence of strong convective weather storms, thunder and hail in Xining area, a lot of inconvenience or even loss to the production and life of the people, the City Meteorological Bureau reminded people to know more about the disaster weather prevention knowledge, enhance awareness of prevention.

in addition, with the precipitation of debris flow and landslide prone area residents and the local government should prepare for flood control and disaster prevention, so as to avoid rainfall landslides and debris flow bring harm to the life safety of the masses. (author: Rong Li king into Yingjin ran Yu Xueying &

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