Qaidam park will debut in November



  for a long time, is located in Qaidam Road, Qaidam Park due to disrepair, the park facilities and other residents in the hearts of the surrounding residents regret. This year, in the original Park North City based investment of 2 million 580 thousand yuan, to upgrade large landscape lighting, lamps, national unity theme wall landscape, is expected at the beginning of November, the public can and a new park to meet the.

it is understood that the Qaidam Park terrain for the Panhandle, things for 1.4 kilometers, but a total area of 6.77 hectares of vast Qaidam Park, but not even a fitness equipment, so that people feel very sorry. Residents Zhang aunt said she and his wife hope to be able to install some fitness equipment here, but the Qaidam park built three years, their fitness dream has not been able to achieve.

for the public to create a new viewing environment, to further strengthen national unity education, active cultural life of the masses, from the beginning of this year, the city landscape lighting and lighting project with north area, investment of 2 million 580 thousand yuan, to the road for the upgrading of the park landscape. In the park to build a national unity and progress with the meaning of large-scale landscape sculpture group and light group, the park as a whole to create a national unity and progress of permanent education demonstration base.

It is reported that

, the upgrade plan construction of national unity and progress of the theme arch 1, ethnic sculpture 6, reflect the national unity and progress of the sculpture 6, dance lamp reflect the national characteristics of the group of 14, minority 22 cartoon sculpture, national unity and progress of card 7. All of the sculptures have night lighting effect, will show two different day and night for the public.


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