Xining railway station

August 4th, the reporters came to the people’s Livelihood — Xining Railway Station renovation project site interview our province key project, Xining public concern, with the present situation of the construction of the Xining Railway Station scene shows to the public. The reporter saw at the scene, everywhere is the proliferation of cranes and sweat busy workers, engineering vehicles shuttling in every corner of the site. According to the Ministry of construction technology construction of China Railway Construction Engineering Group project of Xining Railway Station high Fu Jie minister introduced the current Xining Railway Station reconstruction project has entered the phase of interior decoration, line side station high speed field and speed field is being carried out in hoisting steel structure canopy, the Xining Railway Station modification project half.


line side station ticket hall interior decoration model first look

reporter came to the provincial capital of the road when seen from afar, the new Xining Railway Station main building has been completely built, the upper external hollow glass curtain wall and aluminum curtain wall decoration has been completed, is under construction, is expected in late August in line side decoration building completed, we drove to the station after entering the station side, see the workers are busy indoor engineering. Under the leadership of the staff, we arrived at the station on the left side of the ticket hall, a 100 square meters of space model has completed renovation, granite floor, transparent glass curtain wall, for showing us the future built after one corner of the office of the ticket vending machine simulation.

14 thousand tons of steel


station canopy steel structure

station from the line side came behind the elevated waiting layer and the station building construction area, several large hoisting machines are lifting steel structure roof. According to the Secretary Gao Fujie introduction, station house steel structure with large span plane steel truss arch structure, ground segment assembling welding, lifting height welding molding, welding by experienced technical personnel manual welding, after welding using ultrasonic technology to ensure the quality of welding, lifting the roof by one-time slip technology installed robot jack. Xining Railway Station to change the steel structure of the use of steel 14 thousand tons, equivalent to the amount of steel used in the Eiffel Tower of Paris, no wonder we stand at the foot of it when looking up, it will be shocked by its tall and spectacular.

platform canopy station square is under construction

as an important part of the Xining Railway Station to change the project – the station square is also under intense construction, the underground structure of the station square has been initially completed, into the interior decoration construction. According to reports, the station square channel is three layer structure, after the completion of the Qilian Road Station preceding the underpass type tunnel traffic, underground layer of passengers out of the station transfer hall, two layer underground parking lot, three underground subway layer in the future. We see a large number of construction workers are busy in front of the bridge construction of overhead crane bridge, is expected before the national day, will complete the construction of bridge structure. (author: Zhang Hai Tong)

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