Xining City Zhou Jia Quan 700 inhabitable households to live in the high level

yesterday morning, in Xining city is located in the Huangshui River Nanan, 71 road and Delingha Road intersection Joint Village area of a project — Zhou Jiaquan, Xining Jinfeng Riverside Garden project with a total investment of 700 million yuan in Xining City, Zhou Jiaquan rebuilding project. Joint village more than and 700 old households will completely bid farewell to the old dirty, chaotic, poor village life, living in high-rise residential buildings.

Zhou Jiaquan rebuilding project is one of the focus of Xining city renovation area, is "11th Five-Year" during the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government’s major construction projects, it is also the most difficult project, the highest degree of concern to the masses. Kam Fung project where the Joint Village Road narrow village, villagers dilapidated houses, bumpy roads muddy, is currently one of the most serious environmental sanitation, chaos, poor phenomenon in Xining. Effectively improve the living environment of more than 3000 residents of the village is the Xining municipal government has always wanted to solve one of the key livelihood issues.


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