Xining check the spring of education charges who will be severely punished arbitrary charges

to conscientiously implement the "national standard of education fees, further control of television and telephone conference fees" spirit education, regulate the collection of fees, education, education fees in the spring before the start of the city Department of Education issued a notice requiring the district normalization of each district, and will be with the City Council, supervision, finance, price, audit, news media and other departments of the joint inspection unit, to carry out spring examination fees for education action within the city.

checks will be kicked off in March 2nd, were divided into 3 groups to focus on checks on the city’s primary and middle school education fees, fees publicity system implementation, "two from a" and the rural compulsory education funds safeguard mechanism implementation, distribution, and materials subscription fees and the implementation of standards will be random the key. The inspection team will take a variety of forms on the primary and secondary spring education charge check, no "occurred on the side for free, while the phenomenon of arbitrary charges will prosecute charges by accepting kickbacks, fees and other acts of commercial bribery, for those orders and prohibitions, there are policies, under the measures, do not listen to say hello," and other discipline violations, will be dealt with firmly and held responsible person’s responsibility, to ensure that the pricing behavior of spring education in our city is standardized and orderly, clearly do school fees, parents pay as clear as noonday and truly let the people see the work, the results of education management fees. (author Gu Xiaofang)


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