Three kinds of cultural needs three dimensional service pattern

9 27, sponsored by the Ministry of culture, Qinghai Province cultural and press and publication department hosted the "area of" talent support program for the implementation of the special training of cultural workers training courses held in Xining city. Reporters learned that the three district cultural support for the work of the province’s cultural development has brought a rare opportunity to inject new vitality. In three years, the province’s total of 2890 selected cultural workers, training grassroots cultural workers in 383, training at all levels in the province cultural administration personnel, professional and technical personnel, farmers and herdsmen cultural skills personnel 12286 people (Times), to improve the quality of grassroots cultural talents strengthen grassroots cultural foundation, three-dimensional pattern of service the initial formation of agricultural and pastoral areas, urban three cultural demand.

in recent years, the province focused on demand, adhere to the grassroots needs, what to send". With the recipient unit demand and local cultural characteristics, selected outstanding staff to provide cultural services timely and effective, welcome. Promote the typical, advocating "what good, what to learn". Mutual assistance in the east of the city to meet the needs of the county, the development of management practices, to explore cultural resources, to meet the cultural needs of the masses in the forefront of the province, the initial formation of mutual experience". Huangnan based on the level of national cultural and ecological protection zone, explore the beautiful and colorful Regong culture resources, select the "three zone" for cultural workers and cultural skills talent of all kinds, actively carry out teaching and learning, to help with, effectively boosting the development of local cultural industry. Combined with the community cultural characteristics of Xining City, the establishment of "professional cadre + industry +" three area "celebrity + cultural workers employed staff" personnel, strengthen the relevant technical force, build the big stage people in the central square, rich and colorful performances from all walks of life love, people stage so it is called "the public a native of Xining avenue". I play the typical point, demonstration effect, promote the typical experience and practice to the province, the province’s "three areas" cultural talents work play a role in promoting and benchmarking.


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