Speed up the construction progress of the project improve the management and operation mechanism a

Recently, Cheng Lihua, vice governor of Sanjiang, the source of the national high school, Career Technical College, Xining City, Qinghai Normal University and the new campus, research and supervision of the construction of the project and the school ready to work. She stressed the need to accelerate the progress of the project construction, strengthen school management operations, to ensure the timely delivery of use, and strive to do a high level of characteristics of first-class schools.

Cheng Lihua fully understand the source of Sanjiang national middle school new campus construction projects, requirements of the provincial education department and the school to accelerate off projects, refine the relocation settled plan, earnestly implement the teacher training, enrollment plan, innovation management model, and actively explore new ways of running the same, the formation of successful model can be replicated across the province.

entered the university campus, Cheng Lihua one by one to see the construction of the project, a detailed understanding of the relocation settled preparatory work, requirements to make school projects and the surrounding road construction and in the preparatory work, focus, focus and difficult, inverted schedule, quantitative targets, responsibility to the people, to ensure the timely settled, but must adhere to the connotative development and to enhance the education quality, and strive to become a first-class Northwest Normal university.

Xining city in the new campus of Career Technical College, Cheng Lihua stressed the need to focus, to the transformation of economic development, innovation mode, through the project lead, order training, integration of production and education and other effective ways to promote the depth of school enterprise integration, deepen the supply side structural reforms, improve the fit of the occupation education and the development of the industry.


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