Starting this month Gas Co began heating the sale of gas per household residents can purchase 500 s

October 8th, the reporter learned from the Xining oil and Gas Co., Ltd., starting this month to start heating gas sales, residents can purchase 500 square meters per month of natural gas. In addition to the purchase of gas at a fixed point of sale of gas gas, residents can choose the post office or bank outlets.

currently, the provincial capital of a total of 11 natural gas charges. Among them, the Bank of Qinghai branch of the road to the relocation of the Bank of Qinghai Bayi Road branch, the Yellow River Road gas terminal equipment customer service center moved to the west side of the street Zhuo Zhuo gas terminal equipment 4S shop. Provincial natural gas charging outlets: Victory Road gas service hall; Xining City Post Office (Grand Hall); Xining City Post Office (Nanchuan Road business hall); Bank of Qinghai branch of Bank of Qinghai branch; bridge; Bank of Qinghai 54 Street Branch of the Bank of Qinghai; Kunlun Bridge Branch; branch of Bank of Qinghai Development Zone; Qinghai Bank of the Yellow River branch of Bank of Qinghai road power; Bayi Road branch; West Main Street Zhuo gas terminal equipment 4S shop. (author: Li Yanfang)

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