Xining Railway Spring Festival ushered in the peak before sending a total of nearly ten thousand pas

January 21st, Xining Railway Spring Festival ushered in the peak before the holiday, a total of nearly ten thousand passengers.

7 pm, the reporter saw at the Xining Railway Station, a large number of passengers have been stop at the security checkpoint, Xining Railway Police Department police checked pit personnel items, the side of the flow of passengers, this year has been more than and 50 year old Wu Jianguo from 6 in the morning when the police came to the security department. From time to time, he helped the passenger bag, to help women hold the child, the enthusiasm to send passengers stop.

at the second pit entrance, several young women police were highly vigilant to observe every stop passengers. "Comrade, please show me your ID card." Female police stopped a man after the pit, with police to verify the identity of the man. It is understood that in the peak passenger flow, staff adhere to the first line. So far, the staff and the "three" since 31, seized control of the tool 18, 1420 grams of glue, air freshener, 100 ml, 220 mL spray chemical liquid 1500 ml. Clean soliciting, called passengers 32 passengers, to discourage sales staff of 27 people, criticized the education of 58 passengers, good and good deeds of the 232.


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