Three maternal and child health care network initially formed

July 27th, the reporter learned from the establishment of the association of maternal and child health in Qinghai Province, in recent years, the province’s maternal and child health care achievements achieved remarkable. To all levels of maternal and child health family planning technical service institutions as the leading primary health institutions as the basis, other medical institutions for the support, three levels of maternal and child health service network covering both urban and rural areas has been formed, with a fundamental improvement in our province women and children’s health services in our Province in recent years, maternal mortality, neonatal mortality decreased obviously. Urban and rural areas of our province to carry out extensive maternal and child health care, maternal management system and the implementation of the project. And with the deepening medical and health system, continue to promote hospital delivery in rural areas, improve the quality of Obstetrics; strengthen the survey and treatment of common diseases of women, the maternal and infant mortality rates showed a significant downward trend. At the same time, the province’s women’s life expectancy continues to improve, fully demonstrated the province’s women and children’s health has been significantly improved. At present, there are 52 maternal and child health care and family planning service institutions in our province, which have made important contributions to the maternal and child health care and family planning services. Qinghai Provincial Maternal and Child Health Association founded in July 27th closely around the central task of deepening reform, the focus and difficulty of maternal and child health services, give full play to the association of talent advantage, actively carry out the work, to promote the development of maternal and child health services in our province, to protect the health of women and children.

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