Xining City Health Bureau to carry out the three good activities to achieve good service good quali

good activities to further promote the city’s health system to a further development, recently, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau in the city’s various medical institutions at all levels, especially to carry out a comprehensive Miyoshi yimanyi activities more than two public hospitals, focused on solving four problems,
the sense of purpose and concept of the masses problems. To adhere to the "serve the people", "take the patient as the center" the purpose of the work, safeguard the interests of the masses, listen to the voice of the masses, concerned about the sufferings of the masses, the masses satisfaction, patient satisfaction as the first standard evaluation of medical and health work.

quality awareness and safety issues. Further improve the medical quality management and control system, the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers and emergency security system. Strict law practice, earnestly implement the core system of medical quality and safety, strengthen the quality management of key sectors and key links to ensure the quality of medical care and medical safety.
by carrying out a "activities, all kinds of medical institutions at all levels to improve service attitude, optimize service processes, improve service levels, and strive to achieve" good service "; to strengthen quality management, standardize the medical behavior, improve the quality of medical treatment, and strive to achieve" good quality "; to strengthen the medical ethics education. Vigorously carry forward the noble medical ethics, serious discipline, and strive to achieve" good ethics; to carry out the assessment of trends, and actively take the initiative to accept social supervision, and strive to achieve "the satisfaction of the masses".

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