Xining City Duocuobingju overfulfiled non public Jiantuan tasks

It is an important measure for the Communist Youth League of China to strengthen the construction of the grassroots League organizations in the new era, and it is an important measure to realize the political goal of "two young people", which is put forward by general secretary Hu Jintao

to strengthen the construction of non-public enterprise group is an important part of the Communist Youth League in the new period to strengthen the construction of grassroots organizations, is an important measure to achieve the political objectives of the "two young people", which was put forward by general secretary Hu Jintao. In 2011, the Municipal Corporation will non-public enterprises party building work as one of the priorities in accordance with the upper and lower linkage and external way, overall planning, innovation, organization of organizations at various levels and carry out the construction work of non-public enterprises group. Up to now, the city’s new non-public enterprise group 155, to complete the task of the provincial Party committee issued a task of more than 103%, to complete the annual task.

a firm direction to build the party with a mission. adhere to the work of the party building with the principles of the organization, first in the organization of the party has not been organized to promote the organization of enterprise units. Actively strive for the support of the Party committee (Branch), the first to build a non-public enterprise in the organization. Adhere to the production and operation of enterprises as the starting point, the youth demand as the starting point, in-depth exploration of enterprise group building model.

two, innovative ways to promote the activities of the group. can not be independent of the mission of the enterprise, to explore the development of the industry, the joint mission to build, etc., the establishment of the Sino Thai joint oil and water West District Youth League, the organization of Youth League members to complete the organization. After the establishment of the group, actively carry out various activities to enrich the organization’s life, Youth League members to promote the production of enterprises, to create a harmonious culture to play a force. Such as the implementation of the "youth civilization" to create, service innovation and effectiveness of enterprises; the formation of "Youth Volunteers" team, to serve the community to shape the corporate image; to carry out various kinds of sports activities, rich cultural life of workers.

three, focus on strengthening the team building. in the construction, highlighting "a priority", which is a group of selected organization secretary. Through the organization of recommendations, corporate youth democratic inspection and other forms, select a high ideological and political quality, members of the youth support and enthusiasm of the work of the group of outstanding young cadres as the League secretary.

four, to promote the work of extension. construction is the premise, play a role in providing effective and effective service for young employees is the key. On the basis of strengthening the construction of the enterprise management, employment and entrepreneurship, care and help, rights and interests protection, personnel training and other five aspects to fulfill their duties, play a role.



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