Conscientiously implement the work of creating a city index evaluation to promote the construction o

for the full implementation of the municipal government on the creation of a civilized city activities, the morning of August 28, 2012, the city Department of transportation held the city’s transportation industry units to create a civilized city mobilization meeting. The meeting according to the actual transportation system, "meet the city civilized degree index evaluation standard and learning, decomposition and demand, put forward the objectives and tasks of various departments and units, clear the specific responsibilities, the formation of a unified organization, layers of decomposition, clear responsibilities, the responsibility to check the working mechanism the key is to emphasize the leading cadres at all levels and the important sector of the city work a sense of responsibility, to not fulfill specific tasks undertaken, resulting in the overall record adverse effects of city traffic system, introduces the requirements of leading cadres resign. Focus on the whole system, and quickly put into the work of the city.

one is to improve infrastructure, improve service levels. Supervise the transport enterprises in the bus station, bus station set up traffic convenience volunteer service station site, set the barrier free facilities in the inter provincial long-distance bus, bus organization of enterprises to existing seat, bus, health condition, body appearance and facilities to check, maintenance, repair, organization of city taxi strengthen capacities appearance of the car the whole freight enterprise governance, capacity requirements of neat appearance, car well closed, to prevent the occurrence of dust spilled drip phenomenon. At the same time, strengthen the construction of pedestrian bridges and other smooth traffic project management, focusing on strengthening the construction of civilization, the construction site standardized health.

two is to strengthen service security, create a good atmosphere. The transport law enforcement service window, strict enforcement procedures, pay attention to the image of law enforcement, the implementation of the dress code, the implementation of civilization service; the passenger station, bus companies and taxi companies to strengthen the occupation skill and service standard training for all employees, and constantly improve the service level; make full use of the taxi LED lamp, widely publicized Xining the city slogan, an average of 2 minutes aired once, to create a good atmosphere in a city; Xining West Railway Station as the focus, strengthen traffic inspection efforts, improve the level of transport services, standardize transport market order; traffic organization of "Little Red Riding Hood" service team, in the city of key sections and intersections to assist the traffic police to maintain traffic order; arrangements for bus the vehicle stops, and stop cleaning services, strengthen health and service quality of car rental vehicle inspection efforts.

three is to strengthen supervision and inspection, to address gaps. From August 29, 2012 onwards, some government offices and part of the transport enterprise consisting of four traffic hit City inspection teams were led by the Bureau, the bus company, bus station (harbour), taxi (line), bus station, train station and other places to conduct a comprehensive inspection, guidance and actively coordinate and solve the transport at any time enterprises and traffic law enforcement difficulties and problems in the inspection site, clear method and requirements of responsibility, limited rectification, do not indulge, do not push the work principle of wilt, highlight the "unified leadership, strictly implement the territorial responsibility", a city administrative leadership responsibility system, the main leaders of the first responsible person of the department;

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