Admission line in August 1st after the examination announced

The July 2nd senior high school entrance examination results announced, candidates and parents of voluntary reporting, admission scores, students enrollment is very concerned about this, the city Department of Education recently released in senior high school entrance examination work arrangements, to maximize the convenience of the majority of students and parents.

– school graduates from the school unified organization on July 5th -8 online voluntary reporting. Back to Ning Sheng, the students complete the online voluntary reporting in July 6th before 18:00, 7 -8 days please candidates and their parents carrying senior high school entrance examination admission ticket and cultural studies completed the "2014 Xining high school enrollment volunteer (acquisition)", to the Xining Municipal Education Examination Yuan Pu trick branch site to confirm the signing of voluntary reporting information.

– to ensure that the network security and senior high school entrance examination scores, schools and candidates have no permission to download, print scores, scores that need senior high school entrance examination candidates from -15 July 14th to 8:30 18:00 in the city of Xining Teachers Training Center (Cold Lake Road West District No. 12) office on the first floor hall to handle related matters.

– the end of July and early August, will announce the senior high school entrance examination admission scores in the "Xining Recruitment Information Network" and the media, the school graduates to graduate school to receive admission notice, back to Ning Sheng, the students to Xining city hospital examination admission notice.

specialty student enrollment by the high school enrollment in accordance with the "Xining city high school students recruit students to implement the work approach" independent organization enrollment. Before August 1st, the city Department of education will be in the "Xining Recruitment Information Network" to the public school students enrollment enrollment plan, enrollment category, the scope of enrollment, enrollment conditions, procedures and other detailed information; in August 5th, with students enrollment conditions for students to choose the school enrollment, candidates ticket holders, winning or original registration a letter of recommendation to the school enrollment, each candidate can only apply for a school, a project, and shall report; in August 6th, the school enrollment in the supervision of the administrative department of education, for talented students to test or interview, the main test students’ special skills, basic quality; in August 7th, the school enrollment candidates passed the examination of professional publicity the list of publicity without objection, by the independent school enrollment admission, and report to the municipal senior high school entrance examination enrollment office record; in August 15th, was admitted to the school admissions. Long held the school issued a notice to the school admission notice.


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