A small woman on the list in 300 thousand months with their

choose to start a business, women are courageous, for their own lives, but also have a firm grasp of the courage. She, in anyone’s eyes, absolutely is a gentle woman, a soft voice, laughed softly, to get along with people is the same — in the face of Nanjing aunt is gentle, in the face of Mongolia Tahan is tender, facing the city Shanghai is a brother of tenderness!

up until two: the first list should earn less or not earn

"received 18 days this month, a City brothers company, Shanghai norbar inquiry, the other number is not many, the amount is not large, in terms of our profit basically is zero, but the goods time is very tight, only two to three days, I take the strategy is as good as possible to meet, even in order to ensure that the goods arrive on time, I sent to their company personally."

"although there is no money, I was very happy, because the other side is satisfied very satisfied with my service, and the other side also said they would also many, this is just the beginning."

up until three: I lost I meet you

"had a Nanjing aunt as long as the purchase of two to the soup pot, the price is the wholesale price, I think she can use the Internet to find it is not easy to express, so give her two, did not earn, really lost the courier, but I want to each other is satisfied, so simple.

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