Cross Strait and Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan trade seminar held in Xining

in September 9th, with "cultural ·, brand" as the theme of the 2013 Cross Strait and Hong Kong and Macao regional trade seminar held in Xining. Assistant Finance Minister Yu Yuping, vice governor Cheng Lihua attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Nearly 300 representatives of the two sides of the Strait to participate in the exchange of four seminars.

the seminar is based on the cross strait Seminar on the accounting profession, the four sides of the two sides to jointly establish an accounting professional communication mechanism. Since 2006, the four sides of the two sides of the accounting organization in turn contractors, each year to choose a theme of common concern, has been successfully held the 8 session. Through this mechanism, the four sides of the accounting profession to carry out professional exchanges, strengthen business cooperation, to better serve the economic and trade cooperation between the two sides of the four places, provides a useful platform.

seminar, from the mainland and Hong Kong Macao industry representatives, deepen exchanges, sharing of research results, focusing on "· culture; brand" theme and "firm brand building", "international network construction firm" and "on both sides of the four accounting industry cross-border cooperation and the 3 thematic speeches were full the exchange will further promote cross-strait four CPA industry development and economic, trade and financial cooperation. (author: Lu Hai)

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