Central 10 rural good young people were commended

In September 5th, the City District Committee of the Communist Youth League held the first good rural youth in recognition of the general assembly, on the 10 class and moral wealth Village good youth recognition. It is understood that, looking for a good Youth Village event since July this year in the agriculture Street Town City area, in order to practice the core values, to work together to build a China dream "as the theme, to find and share excellent publicity, typical rural youth side and their advanced story, play the leading role of rural youth typically, in rural youth off learning advanced, striving to advanced boom. After two months of tree recommendation, eligibility review, network publicity, in the selection of rural villages in the town of 23 young people in the district level good youth of the village of the name of 10. Later, the Mission District will all levels of good rural youth in the rural youth rich leaders, young rural entrepreneurs get rich "leader" training plan and other groups within the scope of the award in recognition of the project, to give support in the project, capital, information and talents. The day of the ceremony, awarded honorary certificates for the 10 city district rural youth, 6 good morals, wealth sharing touching stories of their youth representatives, delegates have said that to improve youth learning, work earnest, in life, willing to help others, to practice the socialist core values.  

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