Urban 10 test sites open to candidates

To help the majority of successful candidates sitcalmly, June 5th, city admissions entrance notice issued reminder to the candidates. According to the arrangement, today (June 6th) 15:00 – 18:00 the city’s test sites open to the majority of candidates, candidates can be admitted to the school site is familiar with the environment.

Zhaoban in reminder in remind the majority of candidates: it must remember the location of the test center, the examination time and examination subjects, this year in Xining 10 test sites are Kunlun middle school, Xining seven middle school, Xining fifth, eleven in Xining, West Street Primary School, Huang, seven in Xining, a branch of the school, Shen the Middle School of Xining, 21. * during the examination, the majority of students and parents should pay close attention to changes in the weather and traffic conditions, reasonable arrangements for travel time and route, pay attention to traffic safety, to prevent traffic jam and rain delay the exam, please travel in advance. * candidates must carry the ticket, identity card to take the exam. And according to the requirements of the examination items (loaded into a transparent bag). In addition to 2B pencil, black writing pen or signature pen, ruler, compasses, triangular plate, no envelope rubber, any other items are not allowed into the examination room. I remember the two time: 15 minutes after the start of the examination, candidates can not enter the test. Foreign language discipline 14:45 prohibit candidates into the test site. I confirm the examination room, seat: the candidates enter the examination room, to determine the examination, and accordingly, carefully check the seating chart and bar code are matched; check the examination papers and answer card, scratch paper, and accurately fill out the ticket number, name and other information. It is strictly prohibited to wear uniforms to comply with the examination regulations: enter the test. Candidates avoid or do not wear clothes with metal jewelry, so as not to delay the admission time. It is strictly prohibited to carry a variety of communication tools, especially mobile phones, electronic storage devices such as memory playback equipment into the test site. Candidates are not allowed to wear a watch into the test site. You rest, avoid crowded places: for parents to arrange candidates in recent study and life, pay attention to food hygiene, work and rest, avoid going to crowded places to ensure the health of children, with energy test.  

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