From October 11th to December 31st when the Beijing Tibet highway exit toll stations temporarily clo

Reporters from the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps was informed that from October 11th to December 31st, the Beijing Tibet Expressway east of Xining City Xiakou toll station exit ramp temporarily closed during vehicular traffic.

to implement the provincial government to build Xining city "into a network and outer ring" traffic pattern, to promote the Xining City slow blocking Paul Chang "project implementation, give full play to the Xining surrounding highway network transport functions, effectively alleviate the traffic pressure of Xining City, improve the urban traffic capacity, according to the relevant requirements of the provincial government by the Provincial Department of transportation, commissioned by the Provincial Executive Council expansion on the Beijing Tibet expressway interchange to Xining City Xiakou, adding 2 ramps Xiakou direction, Xining City Road and Beijing Tibet expressway, South beltway interchange.During the closed

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