Qinghai province will carry out the old name identified protection

The day before, the general office of the provincial government approved the issuance of the Qinghai Provincial Department of Commerce "on the protection and promotion of" Qinghai time-honored "development guidance" and "Qinghai time-honored" management approach "(Provisional), marking the" mining protection work of Qinghai time-honored "formally put on the agenda of government department.

"time-honored" refers to the business in the field of history, with generations of products, technology or service, with distinct Chinese characteristics, has been widely recognized in society, the formation of a good social reputation of the brand. In our province, vast territory and abundant resources, cultural diversity, for a long time, people of all nationalities gave birth to a number of distinctive features, excellent quality, rich and colorful of the time-honored in the history of the development process, to meet consumer demand, has played an important role in enriching people’s lives, the national cultural heritage. One old brand with the generation of Qinghai people grow up to become the number of people lingering nostalgia Qinghai". In order to excavate and protect the "Qinghai time-honored" resources, promote the integrity of business philosophy, to support the local Xing brand bigger and stronger, our Province Department of Commerce to carry out the "Qinghai time-honored" that recommended work as an important work to promote reform and innovation in the field of e-commerce to grasp, in charge of history, the people responsible attitude, actively preparing for promoting the Qinghai time-honored "determination and protection work, as true" Qinghai time-honored name ".

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