2017 Jiangsu traffic investment plan to promote the healthy development of the province’s total po

is the so-called: "to the rich, first road", for road construction, can effectively promote economic development of a city, and now for the improvement of transportation infrastructure, not only is the traffic, we also include sea and air. Jiangsu provincial government recently held a forum on the work of the province to accelerate the development of transportation, the province will accelerate railway construction, the formation of the provincial port group, 2017 traffic investment plan arrangement work to listen to all municipalities and provincial departments units of opinions and suggestions. Vice governor Zhang Jinghua attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

According to the December 20th

news, Zhang Jinghua requirements, to promote the "from The Belt and Road", the Yangtze River economic belt and other national strategy and service development of the province’s overall situation, to the capital as the link, take the market as the guidance, actively support and promote the formation of port group, adhere to planning guidance, deepen reform of the integration of coastal ports, and promote sustained and healthy the development of the port.

2017 Jiangsu transportation investment plan to promote the healthy development of the province’s port, in the future will help to further improve the construction of land and sea transportation in Jiangsu province. At the same time, Zhang Jinghua stressed that we must plan early next year, the transportation infrastructure construction, ensure the transportation investment growth rate of not less than the total fixed asset investment growth, strict quality and safety of the project, accelerate key traffic engineering construction, make a positive contribution to the steady growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood. A shares in Nanjing port (002040, stock it), Lianyungang (601008, stock it) and other listed companies in Jiangsu port, late or benefit.

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