Do business must be good at dealing with all kinds of customers the whole skilly


do business owner temper, is often determined, after all, is a person, but the customer is thousands, there will be all sorts of strange things. As the saying goes: "one hundred people, all kinds". More than and 360 days a year, our business will certainly come into contact with all kinds of people of every hue, and will inevitably encounter some kind of customer, which requires us to good play to their wisdom and resourcefulness, clever response, in order to make the business smoothly, both employers feel carefree.

, and. Some customers come into the shop, like turning the goods. A little while that picked up this way, pick up, look at the left and right, and then throw casually, simply do not know the proper order is. After his ordeal, not only will the goods get messy, bear the scene, but also damage the fragile, thin bags of goods.

in the face of these customers, we should not face anger, anger not only can not solve the problem and may intensify contradictions. He said: "the big brother, you see the goods in the ground to complain about me, that someone hurt it, but also do not let it back to its original place." Such a customer naturally embarrassed, will immediately correct their.

two, bargaining. To be honest, most customers want to buy Wumart shopping is cheap to buy, so often better than three, look at the club to see he, bargain goods fancy, this is very normal. However, some shopkeepers encounter this kind of customer, the heart is impatient, even showing a contemptuous look, so easy to hurt the customer’s self-esteem.

in the face of such customers, we should think about empathy, if they are consumers in mind how to think? So be patient and sincere. Tell them their profits in return for customer support and understanding. Then in its recognition of the price may be a business deal, so maybe they will days after coming back and publicist.

three, play ruffian rogue. Some customers love playing ruffian rogue, the main performance is: after the goods bought, but also with petty pilfering get small East West, such as biscuits, such as lighters; second no matter how much change at the checkout, and will not pay; third credit after long-term do not care about the love, always find reasons to explain away it is possible to delay. In the face of such complex customers, to be treated differently.

I think the first two cases can be kind to smile about, such as the difficulty of doing business, the small profit is not easy, the customer will take the hint and feel shy. The default case, I think not often dunning, since the original credit must be their own acquaintances. To seize the opportunity, and he negotiated the return date or, if repeatedly deadbeat arrancar again later.


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