Grassroots counter attack occurred in the whole of huanxilin toss tea

grew up, you will find that the inspirational story of childhood is a lie, there is a gap between people, not everyone can through their own efforts and get what they want, want to come to a big reversal, will occupy opportune three elements, and this is one hundred years a rare opportunity, even if there is not necessarily take hold of you, so miserable life is not that nothing left to live. In fact, this is not the case. The above is just a pessimistic view, you can not be optimistic. To be useful, no matter what kind of congenital conditions you have, that is from born to you, you can not change, only through their own efforts to get what you want, not because you have to really have what.

want to have a home and a car? You want to be the goddess favored? National entrepreneurship period, grassroots to counterattack! No capital, how to counter attack? The ancient "a sister Lin" fall from the sky, there is a "toss tea" fall from the sky, wealth has hit your head, do not hurry to the grass root counter attack? Please join early, toss tea just


China Taiwan is the intersection of eastern and Western cultures, as well as the geographical center of East Asia and Southeast asia. A variety of cultural blend in this, bringing together the world’s food in one place, can be described as a paradise for food lovers. From Taiwan about tea, tea from many talent shows itself, become the initiator and leader of Taiwan tea industry. Toss tea tea in Taiwan famous, has a large number of repeat customers, also continue to attract new customers.

a good brand always needs a strong background support. Tea (Shanghai) Industrial Co., ltd.. The German international coffee, in Shanghai (Shanghai) the Chinese partner company, R & D, production, sales, service and management as a whole, with rich international vision, passion and professional operation team, strong product development experience, brand management is committed to innovative commercial chain mode and holding operation output. Business philosophy: team, wisdom, innovation, the future; service tenet: forge ahead, sustainable management. Another team has a young and passionate heart, good intentions of every cup of tea, to ensure that every cup of tea from raw materials are the most fresh, from health are the cleanest, most are from the health health.

low threshold, high standard, small investment, big returns is to toss a gilded signboard of tea. Toss tea in order to open up the mainland market China, with low barriers to entry, the original technical support and cooperation, for the franchisee to provide from the operator to the management to the product to use the range of services to the franchisee’s risk to extremely low.

toss tea welcome each have a sense of responsibility, dedication, enterprising, the realization of self value and entrepreneurship have a great desire to become a toss about the layout of the tea market in mainland China puzzle. If you agree with the corporate philosophy and culture,


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