Sichuan ten special snack list the whole

China is a real gourmet country, there are too many delicious food for everyone to choose. Among them, Sichuan snacks can be said to be a representative of numerous Chinese cuisine, there are too many foods can be selected for everyone. In short, Sichuan is an outstanding place, it is not the busy metropolis, has its unique leisure and real. Sichuan people have a "bold" famous, like Sichuan, moreish. Sichuan snacks are usually seen as an integral part of Sichuan, Sichuan in cultural heritage stretches for hundreds of years, also formed the Sichuan ten special snack list.

Sichuan ten specialty snack list NO.1, egg baked cake: Sichuan, Chengdu, the famous traditional snacks, began in the Qing dynasty. Daoguang 23 years, Chengdu Wen Temple Shishi college next to a name division of the old man from kids do, "aunt Yan" in inspiration, then use the egg, fermented flour and the amount of brown sugar and mix thoroughly, in the pan fried and baked. Eat crisp refreshing, taste particularly good.

Sichuan ten special snack list: NO.2, Wonton chaoshou is a special name of the Sichuan wonton. Chengdu’s "Wonton" opened in 1941 in Chengdu yuelaichang, the last century at the beginning of 50s moved to the new field, then moved to the southern section of Chunxi Road since 60s, has been 60 years of history. Wonton skin is using premium ingredients add a little flour, fine rubbing slowly kneading, rolling into " as thin as paper, such as fine silk " translucent. Meat stuffing tender smooth, crisp and delicious. Wonton is the original soup with chicken, duck and pig in several parts of the meat, slow and far from stewing meng. The original white soup, thick, fragrant.

Sichuan ten special snack list NO.3, Steamed Pork Dumplings: to China glass Shaomai over to Chengdu, the Chengdu people’s inheritance and development, and innovation, and ultimately the formation of local characteristics of the glass shaomai. Chengdu Steamed Pork Dumplings has the characteristics of thin skin stuffing Fung, beautiful shape, both meat and vegetables and rich nutrition. Steamed Pork Dumplings glass because of its thin skin, cooked skin after immersion material is translucent, through the skin can be seen stuffing dumplings, named glass.

Sichuan ten special snack list: NO.4, Dan Dan is said to have come from the porters at the dock carrying Dan to sell face, hence the name. By rolling into flour noodles, cooked, scoop with fried minced meat and. A small dish of thin noodles, spicy crisp, salty spicy aroma, very tasty. Noodle is representative Sichuan in food, as essential food when people taste of sichuan.

Sichuan ten special snack list NO.5, chicken Liang: characteristics of noodles are soft, delicious and refreshing, cooked noodles, remove and cool fan, maintain evacuation, taste can be adjusted according to their needs, suitable for all customers. Has a long history, has a great impact in the province of Sichuan, in recent years has spread throughout the country, especially in the vast areas of the north. The characteristics of Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce is chicken flavor blending, cool and refreshing.

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