Welcome to Shanxi to participate in the temple

temple fair in the life of this word is that we will not be unfamiliar, every year there will be a lot of people come to the temple fair, for their own and their friends and family around the meaning of great blessing! In the 6th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the taste is strong, in the "Spring Festival New Year, pray" as the theme of the Jixian ancestral mountain first spring Cultural Festival opening. It is understood that the first ancestral mountain spring is the beginning of the six month culture fair since the opening to the end of twelve, for a week, during the Temple scenic free tickets, tourists is expected at around fifty thousand people.

2017 would like to participate in a different temple fair, to the people of Shanxi Zu Shan, which is a good choice, more surprises and joy waiting for you here! The temple ceremony in the momentum of vigorous imposing percussion performances kicked off, held for the first time this year the temple culture personal ancestral mountain, mainly ancestor worship ceremony and Wuqiao acrobatics, intangible cultural heritage exhibition, lantern riddles quiz, theatrical performances, opera, tourism products exhibition, the characteristic beauty of food rich and colorful activities.

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