During 13th Five Year nner Mongolia launched a new venture in nner Mongolia plan

the new year has begun, you will also start a new year entrepreneurs. In the new year, entrepreneurs can begin to enjoy a variety of entrepreneurial new deal, entrepreneurs in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will enjoy the government specially sent new year business spree.

1, creating a dream

in Union City completed more than 10 public record space

in order to allow more guests to better achieve the dream of "venture in Inner Mongolia" action hit off the dream plan, and clearly taken with venture capital institutions, professional business services cooperative construction, commission management mode, completed more than 10 of the market, specialization, integration, networking, demonstration the public record in union city.

2, entrepreneurial nest

to create more than 100 business incubators

in Pioneer Park and business incubator on the basis of the construction, to build more than 20 sets of training and guidance, project incubator docking, financing and other services as one of the provincial demonstration park and business incubator.

3, entrepreneurial navigation

established thousands of entrepreneurship training teachers

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