High quality brand selection interest Hot pot fishing net

What kind of problems are the main problems in the operation of the

catering chafing dish, but also the problem of a single product. After years of development Hot pot delicacy product single issue has become increasingly obvious, appeared new fun fishing to the health of small Hot pot Hot pot to inject new vitality into the market, to create the fun fishing Hot pot health culture health brand model, the delicacy to the masses of consumers. Fun fishing small diet and nutrition of traditional Chinese medicine Hot pot will dissolve in the pot, according to Chinese medicine theory, add ingredients, adjust the diet, medicine, food, Hot pot, homemade diet regimen theory of the organic integration of the four characteristics of diet make fun fishing a way of keeping good health, small Hot pot in the fierce competition in the catering industry become an independent school Hot pot.

high quality hot pot brand selection fun fishing

health, more popular delicacy: many consumers have such experience, after eating greasy taste Hot pot for a long time can not afford to go, will cause some harm to the skin, make fun of small Hot pot pot hole is no longer hot hurt, eat no unpleasant smell after the Hot pot Hot pot in the room. Smoking and health, high-end, elegant and comfortable dining environment.

lower cost and greater profitability: unlike the previous Hot pot heating, Hot pot pot small fun fishing without evaporation heat, thus reducing air-conditioning costs in the summer spending, and dining environment is better, consumers increase appetite and indirectly increase the power consumption, the interest for improve the grade in the consumer Hot pot shop in the eyes, enhance the image; under the same conditions, the interest of small fishing Hot pot increased turnover, reduced the investment risk.

environmental protection food, the country: the interest of small fishing heating innovation effectively save Hot pot can reduce the emissions of pollutants, the atmospheric environment better, the health of people, is the real cause of the country is good.

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