Foshan increase the amount of micro credit business can get up to 670 thousand subsidy

at present, China’s economic growth has helped to reduce employment. Entrepreneurship has become the best means to promote employment, help to ease the employment pressure, reduce social unemployment. Guangdong, Foshan introduction of targeted policies to improve the amount of small loans, financing for entrepreneurs to reduce the threshold.

drop threshold

returnees can apply for subsidies in

"opinion" compared with the past, expand the scope of a one-time venture funded object. Based on the employment difficulties of university graduates and staff of the new returnees, demobilized cadres, Futuijunren and registered unemployment. Small loans to improve and entrepreneurship training subsidies, additional rent subsidies, employment subsidies, entrepreneurship entrepreneurship training (training) subsidies and food subsidies business mentor traffic; at the same time, the new outstanding entrepreneurial projects funded and municipal demonstration incubation base premium two municipal awards.

for new ventures a number of "green"

"opinion", except for the innovation of entrepreneurs to provide funding, and provide comprehensive one-stop service innovation and entrepreneurship, the implementation of the implementation of the start-up fee waiver policy, the system of recommendation

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