Entrepreneurship shop location four pulse

site for entrepreneurial friends is a need to be cautious about things, a good site is half the success. Here and look at the small series of several major types encountered in the process of site selection.

"pulse" shops a lot of information, investors in the "pulse", from the following aspects, collection, analysis, induction, reasoning, and judgment.

"pulse": the level of retail shops where regional economic development level, it is related to the income level of regional population, regional population consumption ability is strong and weak.

"pulse" two shops: the local population, including population density, and the degree of aging, the population density is too low, the formation of commercial prosperity is not easy, the aging degree is too high that the purchasing power of low quality.

"pulse" three shops: commercial housing price. Commercial housing is a sign of standard goods, the price reflects the consumer’s ability to consume.

"pulse" four shops: shops where the total number of shops within the business relationship between supply and demand, supply and demand affect the price of shops.

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