Do a good job in the hands of the food and beverage business these details can not but know

the operation of all walks of life skills if it is to elaborate, said also said not over The end of life. The way of doing business is summed up from the ancient times, and the different ways of using the times are also changeable. Food and beverage business is not good to do two days a day, how to do a good job in the hands of the restaurant business? These details can not be unknown.

standing in front of the restaurant, how long will it take me to establish a first impression?

answer is: 3 seconds

if 3 seconds to produce the impression of restaurant is not good, maybe I’ll just sit down a feast, but is more likely to happen, is walking away and never come.

can be seen from the four details of the restaurant is good or bad

, welcome to Taiwan

as the name suggests, the welcome desk is used to welcome the guests, not the waiter put things where it should be only some of the things, the book, the pen is clean and neat, to make guests feel comfortable.

if the customer into the door, see a pile of debris filled with welcome to Taiwan, naturally met dissatisfaction.

two, dining environment

what is the most important thing for a customer? Yes! Dining experience!

dining experience can be divided into two specific aspects, taste and environment.

restaurant taste is the main factor to determine whether the product is competitive, the taste will not be able to keep the customer, the poor quality of the dining environment is also unable to retain customers.

by this, we can imagine two scenarios.

The first kind of

: the front desk tidy, store decoration is also very good, up until the first taste of food can not help but frown, the taste is not up to the average standard, or too unique unacceptable, is a failure.

second: the front desk tidy, store decoration good food to also make people full of compliments, looks impeccable, but every time every mouthful of food have been passed by, from the location of the kitchen too near the ear humming sound, speak louder. Over time, the appetite is also frequent flow and noise.

for the above situation in a timely manner to improve the adjustment is qualified catering.

three, decentralized attention display

restaurant with brand no help >

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