Hangzhou entrepreneurial innovation atmosphere to attract many entrepreneurs

can be said that Hangzhou is a historical and cultural city, at the same time in modern society, the development of Hangzhou is also subject to the attention of people in the world, Hangzhou has a lot of suitable business environment, especially the environment of innovation and entrepreneurship.

graduated for several years, Zhang Jie still occasionally stroll back to the campus of Zhejiang university. Of course, she came with the purpose of looking for investment projects.

this weekend, a nest Park dream kitchen restaurant to dine in Xiasha, people enjoy a free massage services, 10 technicians are from "pushing the bear".

"push the bear" is a group of young people with entrepreneurial projects, mobile phone App to provide on-site massage services. Push bear has 20 technicians, each technician daily average volume in the order of three to four. The day before, "push the bear" get a rich group advance 10 million yuan capital investors, Xu Xiaofu said that the future will be additional funds to 50 million yuan.

This view

, from Hangzhou college students entrepreneurship contest results can find evidence: the four contest attracted a total of 5215 projects, to promote the 133 outstanding projects in Hangzhou fall into, established entrepreneurial enterprises 137.

"2014 Hangzhou Internet business report" shows the heat, whether it is the number of last year, the financing amount or the new company, Hangzhou in the new first-tier cities (except Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen) are ranked first.

investor said

"genes and Internet business ecosystem" most optimistic about Hangzhou’s

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