Guangxi science and technology Career Technical College to carry out entrepreneurship training

entrepreneurship now is not just a slogan of many colleges and universities, there are also some results in specific social practice, there are many colleges and universities are developing a college entrepreneurship training work such.

7 23 July, Guangxi Polytechnic Career Technical College (Chongzuo campus) held the opening ceremony of the training of college students entrepreneurship. A total of 300 students enrolled in the training session.

it is reported that Guangxi Polytechnic College entrepreneurship training class at the Career Technical College is funded by the government, the school organized students to participate in training for free. The training period for 10 days, entrepreneurship training for pre preparation, business location, business how to do financial process, teach students how to create a Small and micro businesses; career training content to teach students how to obtain employment, cultivate a positive attitude towards employment.

actually carry out a college like entrepreneurship training activities in Colleges and universities, not only help students correct understanding and grasp some methods of entrepreneurship, but also in order to let the students go on the road of entrepreneurship.


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